Data protection

We, the "Kleine rosa Kuchen" (in English "Little Pink Cakes") respect your privacy and abide the German Data protection laws. We only safe private data when technical needs require it. We do not sell or give your data away to third parties.

"Kleine rosa Kuchen" surveys and safes automatically log file information your browser submits to us (e.g. serverstatistics). These are:
  • Browsertype/ -version
  • Used systems software
  • Referrer URL
  • Hostname (IP Adress)
  • Time of server inquiry
These data are - for us - not sufficient to assign them to a defined individual. There is no consolidation with other data sources.

Of course, we safe information you give to our blog, e.g. when you comment. These information are given voluntarily and are not validated in any way.

Some notes on the Facebook Social Plugins

Our website uses Social Plugins ("Plugins") of the social network ("Facebook") with headquarters in the USA. You can recognize those Plugins by their Facebook Logo.

When you visit a site, which contains such a Plugin, your browser connects directly with the Facebook-server. The Plugins' content is directly submitted by Facebook to your browser and from there to the website.

By the integration of the Plugins, Facebook gets information, that you visited our website. Are you logged in in Facebook, Facebook can assign the visit to your Facebook-account. If you interact with the Plugins (e.g. the like buttons), the correspondent information will be submitted by your browser directly to Facebook. There it will be safed.

For further information regarding the purpose and amount of such data collection and in conjunction with that your possibilities to protect your privacy, please read Facebook's notes on privacy:

If you do not want, that Facebook gets the data of your visit at our site, please log out of your Facebook-account before visiting us.

If you have any further questions you are free to contact us. We are afraid that we do not know any more than you, but we will try to share this few knowledge with you again.

Just send us an e-mail: webmaster (at) kleinerosakuchen (dot) de